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Tonight moving into Tuesday is supposed to be pretty fucking bad, you guys. The US hasn’t seen temperatures like this in decades (with windchills some places are looking at being -30°F or -40°F) and a lot of snow is going to be falling on top of everything else. When you add this to high winds conditions are going to be just plain dangerous.


This is some seriously heavy shit. There are all kinds of things that you can do to stay warm. Bundle up. This isn’t really a time to skimp out on heating your house. If you are worried about your pipes freezing, allow your faucets to drip a tiny bit at all times. If you have heat tape, plug it in. But most of all. Please don’t drive in these conditions. A lot of places have already put driving bans in place and I can’t stress enough that they are there for a reason. 

Stay warm, everyone. Stay safe. Also please spread this around so that people understand just how serious things are going to be. Some places may experience power outages and that is terrifying with these conditions. Tell your friends. Be informed. Pay attention to what your local stations are saying.

Hello americans, as a Canadian I have some tips for dealing with the cold. First is that if your power goes out and you don’t know when it will be back on the best thing to do is immediately go and use the hot water and put some in a thermos for later on. If you have camping gear I suggest you get it out so that you can use the sleeping bags to keep warm. If your house gets cold enough for water to freeze then when you go to bed I suggest actually putting some water in a container in your fridge, fridges are well insulated and even though it will make the water cold compared to normal room temperature the fridge temperature should be high enough to prevent it from freezing. If you have a dog or cat letting it share the bed with you is a very good way to keep both of you warm, if they are under the covers they can help heat it up. Give all hamsters/mice/rodents extra bedding so they can stay warm. Personally I put some toilet paper or kleenex in for my hamster because it’s a good insulator and it doesn’t get tangled in their feet, but only use stuff that isn’t medicated because that might hurt them. Dress in as many layers as you can and use thicker clothing made of fabrics like cotton. Decide which rooms you want to keep warm and close the doors to all other rooms to prevent heat loss from the others, if you can have everyone sleep in the same room do it, that will keep people warmer. If you are already using all the blankets you can also use towels to help keep warm. If the sun is out open your drapes so the sunlight can help heat the room, if the sun isn’t out close them tightly to prevent further heat loss. Don’t let yourself overheat until you sweat though, once the sweat cools it will be very hard to warm yourself back up again, also don’t let yourself get cold because of how hard it is to warm up in these conditions. I think that’s about everything so stay safe and stay indoors.

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